Arch Fringe necklace

$ 48.00

Guess who just found your new favorite necklace? We did!!! You guys are gonna be BFFs. The pendant is made from brushed brass and we could not love it more!

  • Chain is a 14k gold filled chain, really durable while keeping a low profile! 
  • Necklace total length is: 36 inches
  • We never recommend showering in your jewelry, no matter what material it is.
  • These metals are really tarnish resistant but in the event that they discolor or darken, use jewelry cleaner on them and they will be back to new in no time!
  • Life Hack: keep your brass the perfect color by using a Q-tip with lemon juice and baking soda to remove tarnish, makeup or any residue created by daily wear. 


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