About Us

Collected Thread is a handcrafted shop located
in the heart of the Plaza District in Oklahoma City.

We are crazy about our city, creating & encouraging community, and most
importantly finding handmade & well made items to stock our shelves and
pass on to our customers. We focus on high quality, long-lasting products from
all over the world, but we especially love getting to support & encourage other
makers, artists, and designers in our city! It is something that we freaking love!

The shop has a found object, vintage feel to it. Creating interesting displays is
half the fun for us! And we are thrilled when makers use an old trade to create
something modern and unique. Our hope is that when you come into our store,
you will leave feeling inspired to go home and make something yourself.

We have been open for eight years and are loving every second of it.

Collected Thread
1705A NW 16th Street
OKC, OK 73106
(405) 557-1141

Shop Hours

Open Tuesday thru Saturday from 11:00am - 7:00pm

Drop us a line at collectedthread@gmail.com