Moms are the coolest June 08 2017

(image by ElyFair Photography from our Love Mom Well Event)

(Photo by ElyFair Photography from our Love Mom Well event)

One of my absolute favorite things about the shop is some of the relationships that I have made with my customers. Molly is on the top of that list. Every time Molly comes in the shop, its like she is brining the sun in with her. She is joyful and calm but honest about being a mom. Those traits are some of my favorite combinations. Being a mom is awesome but so crazy hard. I am so encouraged when I am able to have an honest conversation with another mom about the struggles that come with these cuties. 

One day in particular that stands out to me was a day when I was complaining to Molly about how my husband was about to go abroad for 14 days and i was dreading it. Molly listened so patiently and was super encouraging. She then told me that her husband would be soon deployed for 5 FREAKING MONTHS!! She didn't tell me this to downplay my experience or to make me feel bad, she was just relating to me. I saw her often while her husband was deployed and she just handled it. I am sure it was hard,emotional, and there were plenty of days where she wished she could throw in the towel but she handled it.

(photo by Amanda Zabrocki Photography)

When her husband finally returned, they all wore our "all the emotions" tee as they greeted him. I can't think of a more perfect tee. It was one of my greatest privileges to be a very very very very very very very  very small part of such a special day.

(Photo by Amanda Zabrocki Photography)

Anyways, Molly was sweet enough to answer some of my questions for our blog! Hope you enjoy reading !

I have Natalie,who is 3 years old and Samantha, who is 1 1/2.

 Are you working, not working, worked until you had kids, working with kids or whatever other version of of career that I am not thinking of? 

I am sort of working! I studied communication design at Texas Tech, but instead of entering the traditional work force right away, I joined the Air Force Spouse life and moved to Mississippi with my husband right after college. Since then, I have been doing family photography and picking up freelance design jobs here and there.

What brought you to Oklahoma?

I am from El Paso, TX. I moved to Oklahoma City when my husband was stationed at Tinker Air Force Base. I didn’t know what to expect from this city, but it has proven to completely steal my heart! The local community is so vibrant and kind, and really seem to take care of each other. I absolutely love that.

 What does your day to day look like?

My days start by waking up with Samantha, who always ends up in our bed at some point in the night. Natalie joins us shortly thereafter and then we’re all up for the day. Each week day changes, but it ALWAYS starts with LOTS of coffee and Kid Netflix. I used to make French Pressed coffee for myself every morning but I’ve succumbed to the Keurig because it brings me coffee faster. I try to get out for at least a little bit during the day, whether it be to the park or even mundane grocery shopping, because I start feeling really stuck in my house if I stay in too long. As a consequence, my house is in an almost constant state of disarray.

 What is the greatest parenting hack you have discovered as a parent?

I bow down to Netflix and Amazon Prime video. I ended up being a mother who has absolutely zero qualms about screen time. I’d like to say my girls only watch educational videos, but they also watch a LOT of Dinotrux and sort of weird videos of toys being unboxed on YouTube kids.

What is your biggest challenge as a mom?

My biggest challenge has been holding on to my true sense of self. It is incredibly easy to get lost in the role of MOM, or even WIFE, and then lose myself. I love both roles of course, but I also miss aspects of the person I used to be. Now that the girls are getting older, I’m finding time to uncover dormant parts of myself.

What is something simple/silly/helpful that gets you through a tough day…or any day?

I definitely value time spent with loved ones (or by myself!) somewhere out in the city. It isn't enough to have coffee or wine at home, or even at a pretty park— being a part of the city's bustle really energizes me. For example, I’m currently at Hank’s Coffee & Wine in Midtown while the girls are at school, writing up these answers. Visits like this are very restorative for me.

 Are you and extrovert/introvert/both and what challenges does that bring as a parent?

I am an introverted extrovert. I think if my friends knew how many introverted tendencies I have they’d be surprised, because I tend to be very outgoing in crowds and during events, and am not afraid to strike up conversations with strangers. It takes a LOT to psych myself up for such occasions though, and I do crave quiet time with my husband and girls. I am perfectly fine going out and doing things on my own, but am readily putting together playdates or lunches with my friends. It’s an ever-shifting dynamic.

 What is that thing you have been dreaming of in the back of your head, big or small? It could be something as simple as a bath to yourself or changing Oklahoma schools or whatever.

I would like to really get my photography and design career kicked off. I have felt stagnant for years, which I also equate to a sort of betrayal to my talent and how many people helped cultivate it. I feel rusty and out of the game, but I just recently claimed, so now I HAVE to make my website!

I also have some fun ideas that combines my love for design and my more geeky side. I would love to see that realized soon.

 What is something really important that your kid(s) grows up knowing? You can’t say that you love them! That is too easy.

I want the girls to feel that they can come to my husband and me with anything. Between my husband and me, we have a lot of the basic pitfalls of being a young adult covered, so I know we can listen to them with empathy and hopefully without any judgement. They need a safe place, and I hope they can find that in us.

Also, I want them to realize “NO” is a complete sentence and that they don’t owe politeness to ANYone unless they give it willingly. I’d like them to be black belts but we’ll see where we get with that!

The girls are probably also learning that it’s ok to make mistakes and break things, because I am doing both ALL the time.

 What has been the hardest phase/thing you have gone through as a parent? It can be related to your kids or not.

I guess I’m in a perpetual phase of not knowing how to “mom” or how to “adult.” I deal with a lot of anxiety and it has inspired me to develop a lot of unhelpful coping mechanisms. I work constantly to overcome them, and even though most of the time I fall into the same bad habits, I’m grateful for a husband and kiddos who love me all the same. Now, to not pass those things onto the girls!