Everything Beautiful May 08 2017

Years ago, I was thinking about hiring for the shop, when my pal, Annie, told me about her babysitter, Heather. Annie said she was kinda shy, which is not a great quality for someone whose main job is talking to people, so I wrote her off and continued looking.

Heather ended up coming into the shop later on that week and the rest is pretty obvious. I liked her from the beginning, mainly because she laughed at all of my jokes. I had no idea what an incredible friendship I would be gaining when I hired her. She is the friend I call when I need to be picked up from the airport or I suddenly have the evening to myself. My kids love her and my husband and I get a kick out of dragging her along during our family outings. She is part of our family. I think we have asked her to come live with us probably ten times by now. We love Heather.


So with all of that said, adding Everything Beautiful to the shop feels like such a natural thing to do. She has used our studio space in the back for years and I have loved watching her grow as a florist. Her talent inspires me and I freaking love having flowers in the shop all the time. So cheers to Heather and your beautiful arrangements! Hope you guys are as excited as we are.



Here is how things will work so far:

We will have flowers by the stem and pre-made bouquets available every week starting on Thursdays. Arrangements will always be available for preorder(order on our website or Everything Beautiful’s) and can be ready to pick up the next day. There will probably be some adjusting here and there as we figure out what works best. We will let you guys know of any big adjustments.

Blooms for everyone!

All photos taken by the crazy talented Magnolia Adams!