Retro Bowling Night with Tree + Leaf March 31 2017

Hi! Heather Hayes here. Here is a brief intro about me + Collected Thread // I started working at Collected Thread in 2013 as the shop girl. How fun is that title by the way? In 2015, I started Everything Beautiful, a floral design company specializing in events + weddings. If you know Lindsay, owner of Collected Thread, she is crazy supportive of small business owners and her community! She allowed me to use the back of the shop to arrange + design when I started and I loved the Plaza District so much that four years later, I'm still here. The wonderful Holly Hodge is the primary shop girl now and rocks it! I fill in from time to time when they need a helping hand and love every second!

There are several things I love about Collected Thread and The Plaza District, but for me my story is // C O M M U N I T Y // When I started working at Collected Thread four years ago, I had no idea the family I was gaining. I've known Dusty, owner of Tree And Leaf, as long as I've known Lindsay and some days I claim his crew as my family too. Although a lot has changed over the years and both companies have grown, this still feels like home.

Whew, enough with the Hallmark story and onto the shenanigans! I'm always trying to come up with ideas and instigate ways for Tree and Leaf and Collected Thread to hang out. Talk about two worlds colliding! So a few months ago I pitched the idea, "Hey, we should have a bowling night!" Guess what? They took me up on it and we managed to get the whole crew in one place for an epic bowling night at Dustbowl! Talk about miracle of all miracles. I bowled a perfect game and Collected Thread inevitably dominated Tree and Leaf. Well... kind of. 

Here are a few of our favorite pictures //


Lindsay and Dusty keepin' it casual + classy. By the way, thanks Lambo for the images! You and that 35mm are the real deal!

Isn't she a babe? // PS // Mustard yellow is Lindsay's favorite color so who really knows if this was even the right size for her.

Holly Hodge, being the stunner that she is. Duh.

I mean, how cute are we? The cutest. // Internal monologue: "Why did you wear a dress bowling, Heather?" 

// Matt Hildebrand, Dusty Gilpin, Lindsay Zodrow // Yeah... Ya know, I couldn't really tell you. I'll let you caption this photo in the comments below.

The American dream really, but sorry fellas. Andrew put a ring on it!

Our best attempt at the "serious" face. I'm seconds away from laughing, Lindsay looks like she's thinking, "What time did I tell the babysitter I would be home?" and Holly is just like, "I was born for this!"

And that's it folks! My crazy little crew that I wouldn't change for the world! If you enjoyed this post and want to see more, we would love to hear from you! What are some things you would like to be involved in? What should Tree and Leaf + Collected Thread's next collaboration be? Until next time.

About our neighbors T&L // Dusty Gilpin, Steven Silva, Jacob Danley (Lambo), + Matthew Hildebrand //

"The name Tree & Leaf was originated on a whim but has come to mean quite a bit over the last 10 years. Tree & Leaf represents a collective passion for the outdoors shared by the owners, employees, and clients of our company. Whether it’s hiking, camping, skating, or sailing, we have an eagerness to explore.

Tree & Leaf represents a like-mindedness for community growth and involvement. Building and encouraging an art community, volunteering at a neighboring school, or helping a friend repair a broken vehicle; Tree & Leafers have a persistent fervor to improve their surroundings. There is always a point where an idea ends and action begins, we firmly believe in getting our hands dirty to accomplish our goals."

Fall ParTAY!!! November 02 2016

Dear Fall,
We are over this hot weather!!!! Summer is being totally rude and overstaying his welcome. Can you please come so he will stop crashing on my couch and go home!?!
Collected Thread
This Friday, we are having a Fall Party to will the cold weather here! Join us from 10am-7pm THIS FRIDAY for sweet treats, cider, donuts from Holey Rollers(vegan donut truck), kids crafts, and a candle giveaway of some of our favorite new Fall scents!! Cardigans and sweaters are encouraged, despite the temperature!!

We're turning 8!!!! September 13 2016

Oh my gosh!

Oh my gosh!

Oh my gosh!

The shop is turning eight! EIGHT! As you guys know, running a small business is crazy hard so we like to take every opportunity to celebrate our life as a shop! We are so so so thankful to all of you who have supported and encouraged us! Te celebrate, we are offering EIGHT whole bucks off any purchase of $35 or more! Just use the code "happybirthdaytome" at checkout! Share about our bday on whatever social media that you prefer and we will include a little gift in your order(just write a note in the customer note section at checkout).

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Running the shop has been one of my biggest joys and I am so thankful that I get to do it so thank you to each of you.

HUGE Tax Free Weekend SALE! August 04 2016

You know how being an adult is hard and we don't get to do fun things like throw ourselves a birthday party at the skating rink anymore? Well, having a big sale at the shop has kinda become our version of a birthday party. So on top of having an actual, you know, sale on great handmade goods, we will also have cupcakes from Cuppies and Joe(the best cupcake shop ever) and the first 4 people to purchase something at the shop each day will get a free gift from us!!! Also, if cupcakes aren't enough, we will have food trucks out front on Friday!

Holey Rollers(vegan donut truck) will be here 10-1pm, Friday.

Loaded Bowl Foodtruck(vegan comfort food) will be here from 11:30-2pm, Friday.

Everyone wins! Join us this August 5th weekend and enjoy our adult version of a rollerskating bday party!!

Live out of state or can't make it by the shop? No worries, you can grab a bunch of stuff on sale on this site as well! Everything will be marked down already EXCEPT ALL OF OUR BABY BLOOMERS!  To grab those on sale, just use the code #shortiesforshorties when you check out! Thanks and heres to a great weekend!

Love Mom Well April 14 2016

We are crazy excited to host our 3rd annual Love Mom Well event on May 6th from 5:30-8:30 here at our shop!!! Love Mom Well is an event put on by a lot of local business owners that happen to be moms & dads and some of our favorite people. The whole purpose to provide a free way to love on the mom or mom figure in your life.

Here is the rundown:

A percentage of the proceeds and our raffle goes towards Wings for Audrey, a foundation set up in the memory of a dear friend's daughter, Audrey, who was born with a rare heart and brain disorder.

Our 7th Birthday Bash August 31 2015

We are thrilled to be celebrating our 7th year in business! As a way of saying "thank you" to everyone who has loved the shop along the way, we will be offering a different discount every day of the week starting August 31st- September 5th!! Stay tuned

If you live in OKC, we will be are offering 20% off the entire store(in store only), giveaways both days, and sweet treats from Cuppies and Joe on September 4th and 5th! We hope you will join us.


Work by Erin Cooper March 06 2015

We are thrilled to show off the crazy talent of Erin Cooper during LIVE on the Plaza,Friday March 13th, from 7-11pm!

Erin and I have been taking a life drawing class at Oklahoma Contemporary for the last 2 months and Erin is easily the best in the class. Easily. She has such a sensitivity to balance and line and I love the energy in her abstracts. For this show, she is focusing mainly on oil on linen.  Most of these are studies for some larger works that she will be revealing later this year.

You might recognized her work from the mural she did on Western on the side of the Hoffman Furniture Building at 36th! Its a collaborative mural that she did with our dear friends, Lauren Miller and Amanda and Dylan Bradway of DNA Galleries.

Baby Registry August 23 2014

Did you know you can create a baby registry at the shop!!!?! Well, you can! And it is super easy. Just come into the shop and tell us what you want. We will follow you around with a clipboard taking furious notes. After you have set up your registry, all you have to do is let friends know that you are registered here. And the best part is, whatever you don't receive as a gift, you get 10% off of the price! EVERYONE WINS!!!!

Renegade San Francisco August 04 2014

What's this random picture of random people!?! Oh, just a little shot from RENEGADE in San Franciso. If you are not familiar with Renegade, it is this great modern craft fair that started in Chicago and not happens all over the country and even in London. I have wanted to go forever and finally made it. My husband and I just happened to be taking a little trip for our anniversary and it magically was the same weekend. Why am I telling you all of this? Just to let you know that I found some incredible new artists for the shop!!! I can't wait to show them off to you. Stay tuned!

Bethany Young + Jackie Miller May 31 2014

Join us this Friday( July 11th) from 7- 11pm for LIVE on the Plaza, our monthly art walk! We will be showcasing the works of Bethany Young and Jackie Miller, two incredible local artists who we love SO MUCH! Not only are they crazy talented but they are incredibly kind. Bethany is a photographer and the woman behind Twenty Something Magazine, a local online fashion magazine! Bethany recently started experimenting with transferring her photography onto wood panels, a process that takes about 24 hours to complete. We love the finished product and can't wait to show her off on Friday!

Jackie Miller has been blowing our minds with her delicate,feminine portraits burned into wood plaques and highlighted with acrylic and watercolor. Her fine lines and attention to detail always seem to make the viewer take a step closer to her work. We have no doubt that you are going to fall in love with Jackie's work!

Check out some of her work on our site!